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Strategy – We deliver end-to-end strategy based transformation solutions through a wide range of multi‐disciplinary skills, targeted at transforming your business from concept to implementation.  We help in building a winning strategic proposition for our clients, and walk together in the journey of strategic transformation.

A Good Strategy is only good enough when there is powerful execution and orchestration of effective strategy. Our team helps companies in articulation of strategies, kindling change, and putting together a robust How-To-Achieve execution plan for all strategies.

Our Transformative Strategy Consulting Expertise

Assist clients to maximize their growth using our growth Lens

Emerging Markets offer double-digit growth growth spectrum, but the real challenge is understanding and maneuvering new markets, we solve this challenge by providing operational insights  in  emerging and new markets to develop strategy.

Our resource allocation model approach provides maximum positive impact for an optimum resource allocation. We work with our clients collaboratively on a high impact strategy that can alter the company’s growth orbit into a new trajectory

Embedded in the Core of Transformation is the need to address global issues of sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility  in order to ensure businesses can be sustainable

We provide an effective guide in achieving strategic blueprint thorough a robust execution mechanism coupled with a strong Governance model while implementing strategies

Transform Growth Strategy

Every Business aspires for growth. Growth is not an option anymore in this highly complex, inter-woven dynamic nature of business. Growth is not a measure of mere stakeholder returns or return on capital employed. On a whole, growth represents the all-round improvement beyond the numbers. The numbers or strength of financials can only be a leading indicator of the underlying growth options that the enterprise explores.

GSC adopts a simplistic yet powerful and easy-to-use model for developing growth strategies for our clients. We assist our clients in scaling-up their growth using our growth lens.


Emerging Markets Strategy

Emerging markets hold the magic wand to the aspirations of a double digit growth rate that businesses are chasing. The real challenge is of understanding and maneuvering new markets. An understanding of the terrain, culture and business models in places like Asia, Africa and Middle East, which have impressed the global economies. Most of these economies have already shed the tag of ‘emerging’, and metamorphosed into ‘emerged’ markets.

Our presence in Africa, Hong Kong, India and UAE gives us local insights, culture immersion and deep understanding into these otherwise tough markets to operate. We solve the challenge by providing operational insights for emerging and new markets to develop strategy.

Great Sands Consulting understands emerging markets by our local presence in chosen markets on what we call as our “Diamond Quadrilateral”.


As more and more companies join the bandwagon of the Africa, India, UAE or China markets, with our strong local presence in these countries, GSC is poised to provide that local flavor with a global outlook by our deep understanding of these terrains. From providing market entry feasibility study to providing on-ground local support, we provide seamless delivery in strategic markets.

Corporate & Business Unit Strategy

Resource Based Strategy with strong linkages between Corporate and Business Unit Strategies form the core of our Corporate and Business Unit Strategy Development.  We develop Strategic roadmaps to effectively harness the opportunities and create sustainable value addition for businesses.

Our Strategic blueprinting exercise takes both outside-in and inside-out perspectives while formulating the strategies. Our Chain analysis identifies the core value drivers for the business unit and design strategies for unlocking them.

With finite resources available, it is important to develop a strategic plan with a fine balance between portfolio resource allocation, and the impact of such allocation on the overall economic value addition of the enterprise.

GSC adopts resource allocation/impact model while deliberating the strategic considerations


This model in conjunction with the growth model provides a balanced risk return trade off when formulating strategic alternatives.

We believe in a flexible and easy-to implement strategic model by taking cognizance of the fact that resource availability are finite and with that how best one has to allocate the resource, thereby giving substantive impact benefiting all the stakeholders.

Sustainability & Transformation

Sustainability has taken prime slot in the board rooms, and the need for sustainable business models has hit mainstream. Companies globally have already made a beginning on their learning curve by ensuring a sustainable business model is developed and implemented.

Companies have to take an integrated approach to transformation by embedding sustainability practices that are inter-woven with the strategic planning process. Sustainability models call for a value chain transformation cutting across Products, People and Partners.

We advise clients on a whole range of sustainability transformation initiatives for measurable outputs. Right from assessment of sustainability practices to initiatives put in place, to carry out impact analysis and design sustainability programs. Even the sustainability programs have to be sustainable and be monitored constantly for performance improvement.


Sustainability Assessment – Conduct sustainability assessment of the whole enterprise. Assess the current maturity of the adoption model and review the value chain comprising of Product Development, Market Development, Partner Ecosystem assessment, Social Empowerment, Regulatory Compliance to standards and finally, Governance & Accountability framework put in place.

Sustainability Definition – Define  Sustainability strategy comprising of Environmental Impact, Social Innovation and People Empowerment  and developing market space covering the bottom of the Pyramid.

Sustainability Development – Product Re-engineering, Social Value Engineering, putting together a market place transformation that cuts across various dimensions including People, Partners, Products and Profits.

Sustaining Sustainability – Every Sustainability program and initiative must be sustainable. Constant Monitoring, Value engineering and calibrating the model requires constant review and making required incremental changes.

Strategy Execution

While drawing strategies is difficult, executing strategy is even more challenging. The best laid strategic plans may not take off, not because the strategies were ahead of time, but simply because they lacked discipline, and a strong resolve to make them work.

A well-oiled engine for execution is required to bind and create a fusion of forces that translate the strategic vision into a reality. We provide a strong decisive results framework to measure the extent of strategy execution and the underlying gaps that may occur.


At GSC, we put together a Strategy To Execution (S2E) Program to bring the power of execution to the board room.