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Risk Consulting

Risk Consulting – Risk is inherent nature of businesses. Bold bets have succeeded in the past because the business leaders had the acumen to understand the inherent risks and steer the businesses from managing risk.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) is an important success factor in today’s business environment. Managing risk in an Organization is a shared responsibility and not just specific to risk and compliance department.

Businesses face risks in many dimensions – strategic risk, operational risk, technology risk, business continuity risk, financial risk and market risk. Globalization has resulted in many risk factors that are extraneous for the organization. And if this is not managed well, it will result in business continuity risk.

We provide a comprehensive range of risk management consulting solutions to prepare your organization to be risk resilient.

Our Risk Consulting Services

ERM is an integrated approach to manage an organization’s risk through a systematic process of risk alignment to strategy, making better risk response decisions and putting together a scientific process for managing and handling risks.

Governance Risk and Compliance handles issues on corporate governance, ERM and compliance using technology and process streamlining to address risk management in a holistic manner.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery is a framework put together by organizations when they face unplanned disruptions. It is the ability and resilience of an organization to resume normalcy of their business.

A strong internal audit helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, governance and operations.

Enterprise Risk Management

Executive Leadership always faces a problem of balancing the act of maximizing shareholders value at appropriate and acceptable levels of risk. The real challenge lies in determining the appropriateness and acceptability of the risk levels in an organization.

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides a robust framework of solutions on understanding and responding to various business uncertainties. It develops valuable insight into identification and assessment of risk and creates a risk mitigation strategy. ERM framework prepares an organization to be risk resilient and percolates a strong risk culture right through the organization.

We provide a 360 o approach while managing risk and by aligning risk appetite to business strategy, developing strong linkages to growth, risk and returns, making the organization agile in handling risk responses, developing control mechanisms and ensuring constant monitoring of your policies to reduce risk.


Governance , Risk & Compliance

In forward-looking organizations, a strong Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program is adopted in a bid to up their ante on managing risks effectively. GRC strategy involves aligning risk strategy, process streamlining and more importantly use of technological solutions to strengthen internal control, Sarbanes-Oxley Act compliance and industry specific compliance.

A single-view risk oversight function helps manage the risk responses better. Greater visibility and control over risk across business is possible only when a strong technology solution is deployed to handle the GRC function.

We provide valuable enhancement in drawing up GRC strategy and choosing the right GRC IT application that can provide a dashboard view for managing financial and operational risks; provide tighter internal control by linking GRC applications to transaction processing systems; and help organizations in their reinforcement of their risk management strategies.


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

A disaster always strikes without forewarning. In this network of business models, disruptions have an impact ranging from a minor impact to catastrophic impact on businesses.

While organizations are busy preparing strategic plans, technological investments and unlocking full human potential, a dark shadow is cast on organizations at least expected time and this forces organizations to reactive ways of handling such disruptions.

Progressive organizations employ a proactive approach of planning an agreed arrangement. The emergency response plan is used when any disruption occurs and this is formulated through a well-defined Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

Disaster recovery (DR) refers to having the ability to restore all the data and applications that run the business. A recovery mechanism is needed should any disruption take place on IT systems, applications and data center. Key aspect of Disaster Recovery policy is the timeliness of recovery i.e., recovering business applications that needs to be restored under the timelines defined.

We work with organizations in carrying out Business Impact Analysis (BIA), to carry out assessment and testing of BCP & DR Plans and assess the risk level in the organization and their preparation to combat a business disruption. Our solid technology consulting expertise gives cutting-edge solutions in handling disaster mitigation and recovery.


Internal Audit

Numbers don’t tell a tale. It requires deep insights to look beyond financial statements, financial analysis and balance sheets which often do not reveal the full story. Stakeholders always look for assurance around the business risk and its associated controls. GSC provides internal auditing services to resolve this problem.

Internal audit helps an organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve its effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Growing regulatory pressures, market volatility and technology have altered the face of internal audit – It has moved from a traditional assurance practice to a value driven risk-based approach for internal auditing, and it uses data mining and analytics to provide assurance to the audit committees.

We work with the finance heads, chief risk officers and a designated audit committee to help organizations enhance the value of their internal audit function. We provide services to transform internal audit in companies such as outsourcing of internal audit and carry out high-value, high-impact risk assessments.

Our approach is to provide a right balance between risk and cost of control in developing internal audit strategies.