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Organization  – Organization Design and Structure provides the foundation to operationalizing the Strategy. Decoding the Organization DNA helps in accelerating business performance. A Firm Structure with flexible Design and defined communication channels helps the enterprise foster collaborative learning. Usually, conflict arises on account of poorly designed organizational structures, which results in sub-par performance despite having great potential to deliver.

We assist our clients in decoding the organizational DNA to accelerate their business performance in the following ways:

Our Organization Consulting Expertise

Organizational Effectiveness assessments are carried out using our diagnostics framework and assessment lens.

Our approach to Organization Design does not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We provide tailored Organization Design and structure solutions keeping in mind the nature, scale, scope, size and complexity of business.

Clear distinction between Core Technical Competencies, Common Competencies and Managerial competencies is drawn when framing the competency models that lay the foundation for human capital development in Organizations.

Developing next generation leaders is often the most challenging decision that board room faces today. Stretched global leaders with not-yet-fully ready middle management pose challenges that are required to be addressed through a holistic leadership development initiative.

Employing the right workforce requires Organizations to develop Strategic Workforce Planning model, to aid them in managing global workforce and handle skills and talent shortages across the Organization. Our Strategic workforce Model addresses workforce diversity, Demand and Supply analysis of critical jobs, talent acquisition and retention.

Culture management is critical to business success. Transformation of any kind is not possible to achieve unless kindled by desire to change. Culture Immersion and Dispersion play a significant role in any business transformation.

Organization Diagnostics & Org Scan

Our comprehensive diagnostics and Org scan gives cutting-edge solution across the organization to decode its DNA. The results of our Org scan serve as a pole star in gaining deeper and granular insights into the effective functioning of the organization and thus, translate the insights into effective delivery. We ask the following questions to enable this process:

  • How well is the organization aligned to Strategic Objectives?
  • What are the core and influential factors impacting the organization’s strategy?
  • What is the best way to realign the new plan?
  • How robust are the inter-connected linkages that are established?
  • How to decode the organizational DNA?

Deciphering the results of the diagnostics and Org scan and determining the best fit outcome calls for expertise which we substantially possess: given our past experience, successful track record in different markets and a cross section of clients across industries.

Organization Structuring & Restructuring

Shifting and conquering new markets, innovation in product engineering, technology and market place transformation combined with unprecedented levels of global competition pitching tent in home turf, and demand for skilled global workforce lead to Organizations necessitated with redesigning their structures.

Driving an effective enterprise calls for the right organizational design. The power of strategy execution comes from a well-defined organizational structure. Changing business needs and dynamics forces business leaders to constantly innovate and calibrate the existing Organization. The degree of restructuring can vary from an incremental change to a complex restructuring exercise aimed at addressing and adjusting to the current changes.

Design changes for existing Organization structure must ensure that the change is impactful in the long run. Organization structuring  and restructuring is a common place happening with today’s environment challenging the existing structures unless constant attention, calibration and innovation thrust is given to the operating model impacting the Organization Structure.


Our approach to organization design, structuring and restructuring takes an integrated top-down or bottom-up approach of linking structure to strategy. Our design principles are based on specific client needs which are practical to implement and are agile to meet the future requirements.

Competency Framework

Competency framework can help organizations in acquiring and retaining the best people, empowering them to improve their performance which leads to greater working efficiency and increased business results.

GSC’s framework design for competency is a great tool to align the organizational structure and map them with the people. Eventually, transforming strategy into reality can only happen when the people know how to deliver strategy under a defined structure.

In the context of global workforce management, it is very important to effectively manage the human resources. A well-crafted framework can provide a common denominator which can be used to review, evaluate and train people working for the company. Competency model helps interconnect HR principles with talent management in the organization.

Our approach to competency model is to unify the framework in the context of client’s Organization needs and broadly address the following levels.

Leadership Competency Model provides framework for developing leaders and builds leadership pipeline.

Decision Making Competency Model supports enhanced decision making capabilities and building the managerial talent into leaders of tomorrow.

People Competency Model is a common competency cutting across the Organization at all levels. It fosters collaborative working, team building, and enriching the humane side of an individual across all roles.

Core Technical Competency Model is a job specific competency and is largely handled at a BU level that is required to efficiently run the operations.


Leadership Development

Today’s market environment places a premium on speed, flexibility and the ability to lead in uncertain situations. At the same time, the flattening of organizations has created an explosion in demand for leadership skills at every level.

Developing next generation leaders is the most challenging decision and work that board rooms faces today. Stretched global leaders with yet to ready middle management poses a problem that requires to be addressed through a holistic leadership development Strategy.

The leadership pipeline development is the most important talent building exercise that companies undertake. Leadership is not just confined to CXO suite levels. There is an acute need for developing leaders at all levels in an organization. Intensifying global competition has resulted in visionary companies investing in building their leadership to see who can build and sustain the competitive advantage.

Leadership Development is essential to the success of an organization. Companies with effective leaders deliver better and substantive business performance.

Developing Leadership pipeline across the Organization is the most important talent building exercise that companies must undertake.


We assist our clients in conducting assessment of their leadership strength, identify the gaps and blueprint their leadership development strategy and building leadership competencies for next generation leaders with focus on global acumen, result orientation, socially responsible, emotionally intelligent, agile and strategic thinking.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Effective Strategic Workforce Planning (SWFP) helps organizations to sustain the pace in which business is changing. Talent Risk has gained a lot of attention in the past decade – Alerting workforce diversity, globalization, etc. have a significant impact on running of businesses.

Managing the global workforce needs an integrated approach to workforce planning. SWFP connects between the Business and HR strategies to ensure the organizations deploy an effective workforce of having right people in the right place at right time, and are managed at right costs.

Our approach on strategic workforce planning and strategy development addresses the following critical workforce imperatives:

  • What are the key workforce issues that will impact overall business success?
  • What key workforce goals must be accomplished to support business success?
  • What areas must be focused achieve Organizational goals?
  • What strategies and action plans must be used achieve client’s objectives?

Our powerful change management processes advise our clients on effective change leadership and we build a personal connection with leaders at all levels to implement a robust change management strategy and guide them during the implementation.


We draw up a clear implementable plan that is customized to our client’s organization in order to enable them to build a workforce that meets their current and future needs.

Change Management

Paradigm shifts in strategy, structure and re-engineering of systems and processes, and innovation and effective implementation to establish a new order organization are not possible unless supported by effective change in culture management.

“Change or Be Changed” is a potent mantra that Organizations must embrace and internalize for a successful business transformation. Culture strongly holds the fabric of the Organizational canvas. To manage a change effectively, it must be accompanied by a strong positive correlation of culture movement in line with the desired change.

In order to bring about a change in culture, Organizations must change its conversations that are created through unspoken messages people receive in the organization on what is valued and is comprised of behaviors , symbols, belief , rituals and established systems and processes that holds the communication.

We assist our clients on developing this strong change of culture management through our “Wheel of Change” model.