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To fuel a competitive advantage, right financial decisions is important to any business’ success. Today, the dynamics of business environment requires a strategic approach to achieve financial transformation. To create an enterprise value not only requires managing optimum cost controls, but it also moves beyond the cost drivers and unlocking the value drivers through a growth oriented strategy linked to a strong financial strategy.

The challenges in finance transformations are plenty. To juggle managing of working capital, optimizing financing costs, transforming finance function into a shared services model, reporting and compliance; calls for a full throttled push to put together a strong and wide finance transformation.

Here at GSC, by bringing in deep industrial expertise, we provide a wide range of financial advisory services to transform corporate finance. We work extensively with the company’s board — CEOs, CIO’s and CFO’s to structure the finance transformation in a harmonized manner.

Our Finance Advisory Services:

Not just crunching numbers, financial transformation is an all-round metamorphosis from managing the finance organization to leverage using shared service model to develop cost optimization strategies & identify value levers.

In order to push the growth trajectory, Inorganic ways of growth by way of Mergers & Acquisitions is a path that organizations tread on. There are many complexities of M&A involving integration that require a firm approach in dealing with M&As.

Dealing with deals diligently requires expertise, craftsmanship and sound business acumen.

IPO is not about just getting the right valuation, it is about preparing companies to IPO readiness, and this calls for a whole new paradigm of working in a very new dimension for many firms.

Viability of business ventures calls for a litmus test of passing whether a business proposition is feasible or not.

Public Private Partnerships (PPP) models have gained prominence by active engagement of private sector and governments to put together an operating model that provides a win-win value proposition.

Finance Transformation

The complexities in business these days have made finance transformation very demanding and arduous. Not only does augmenting shareholder’s value require a strong finance stewardship of capital, but it also requires increasing compliance and regulatory processes, technology adoption and need for corporate governance at highest levels. This calls for a fusion of aligning finance vision and strategy to refine a business strategy, and mapping process fundamentals to enhance the service delivery of the Finance Organization.

We provide end-to-end finance transformation road map to assist the company’s CFO to define and develop finance strategy, corporate performance and management measures for monitoring of business performance and leveraging technology to streamline processes for consolidation, closing and reporting of underlying financial processing systems.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Making rapid strides of growth in an organization calls for path breaking initiatives to be pursued in order to transcend to new heights. Mergers & Acquisitions initiatives can break the glass ceilings of your company’s growth, provided it is handled with care.

Gaining customer base, new product lines, intellectual property, new market access, consolidation in the industry to gain market share, achieving economies of scale and cost arbitrage are few of the wide variety of reasons organizations pursue this route.

M&A is a challenging rock-climbing route for organizations where the road ahead is full of ordeals and requires an astute synthesis of number crunching, cultural fit assessment, leadership spacing from both organizations, commercial costs of transactions, regulatory compliance and a whole lot of communication and change management to make it work. We aim to make this processes a smooth drive for your company.

GSC has expertise in operating in multiple geographical locations, with a strong focus on business strategies combined with deep experience of financial professionals. This gives us an inside-out perspective combined with an external view in handling all our clients in their M&A deals. We provide a deal factory approach in standardization of M&A deals in a systematic manner.

Right from idealization till the completion of integration process, GSC provides a range of solutions to make you conquer your M&A summit.


Due Diligence

Things may not always be what they appear to be. Organizations have to carefully tread the potential landmines which are often hidden, and require a granular approach to reviewing the business to avoid traps. We here at GSC understand this perfectly. Understanding inherent risks of a deal transaction, let it be buying, selling or merging requires an astute analysis of the business.

GSC views Due Diligence with objectivity in mind. Our business experts aid us in valuing the business’s intrinsic value, and the associated inherent risk of the business that comes along with it. We provide a structural approach to ensure the decisions taken on deal transactions are always well informed and not by hindsight.


IPO Consulting

IPOs can result in a significant valuation for the organization when done carefully. It is a formidable task and preparing for its journey is cardinal. Organizations need to be trained properly before they embark on IPO. It is more similar to a marathon than a sprint race as it requires long-range planning, conserving energy, sustaining momentum, and pacing at a right speed in the last round to reach the finish line. It calls for organizational endurance, grit and significant amount of organizational fitness to cross the IPO hurdle.

GSC works with our client’s CXO suite and board in preparing the IPO Strategy, Developing the IPO Structures, carry out IPO Diagnostics and Report, process transactions and reporting streamline, developing talent management and defining set of processes and policies to combat the IPO challenges.

Our structured approach starts 2 years before the actual marathon race to first develop organizational fitness. We keep organizations on a strict coaching plan and periodically calibrate results for improved growth and results.


Feasibility Studies

Economic viability of new ventures is a critical decision parameter. A forward thrust is required for a new business initiative and is vital to a business success to ensure the businesses are able to manage the risk themselves while walking into new lines.

However, such initiatives must be backed up by strong techno-economic-commercial feasibility studies, which essentially confirm the ‘To Do’ or ‘Not to Do’ concept.

While business uncertainties are common in nature, a well thought out plan and idea on laying the common success factors will accurately predict the likelihood of success or failure.

Our team has years of business and financial advisory expertise and can provide a specific outcome on feasibility by scanning the market potential, validation of business proposition and developing a financial model with suggestion of alternative options.


PPP Transaction advisory

Governments all over the world face fiscal budget constraints to turn to private sector for infrastructure development as an alternative to meet their fiscal gap. Public Private Sector Partnerships (PPP) creates a longer time horizon of cost allocation and are very successful once the framework has been well established.

PPP can unlock valuable drivers by bringing in private enterprise skill-set, technology, expertise and efficiency in the developing large scale and complex projects for many countries.

PPP models of a business must generate predictable revenue stream so that private sectors can recover its costs. Such models call for development of PPP model and framework along with aggregating the cost allocation model, risk sharing between government and private sector, and lastly how assets are transferred to the government as per contact performance.

We provide PPP transaction advisory on providing full feasibility report, defining and putting together life-cycle revenue, cost and risk sharing models and assistance in contractual management and project monitoring and evaluation.