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The idea of entrepreneurship is magical – the raw energy from the gut, the sleepless nights, the best business concepts drawn on paper napkins, the butterflies in the stomach when meeting a VC for funding, the first customer, the despair, the moments of giving up, and the next moments of cleaning the slate and starting all over again.

Entrepreneurs are not born. They go through an emotional process in their journey, a holy pilgrimage with a lot of silent prayers to make it all work.

It is hard work, facing countless challenges and being in the game just by staying there. As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the predicament entrepreneurs go through, and we provide a comprehensive advisory – be it a new idea that needs validation through our business ideal validation model, or a business plan development using our business modeler. We address the critical challenges of putting structures, systems and processes in place to handle scale and connect to ecosystem, working as a sphere of influence for all our Entrepreneur clients.

Our Entrepreneurship Services

We work alongside entrepreneurs to sharpen their business idea, validate it by putting together a robust business model and aid them in planning.

We believe that entrepreneurs must focus on their core business vision, while all other processes of managing the business, systems and structures are best left to us for managing – allowing you to receive extra bandwidth to live your dream and make your idea a reality.

We connect entrepreneurs with like-minded networks, helping in growing their business by the benefits derived from the choice of association.

Business Modeler Advisory

Developing strategic approach to business has long followed a traditional approach – taking a leaf from military strategies of moving early and ambushing the enemy when least expected.

Move over to the new age of businesses, where agile responses to market are called for. Technology explosion has led to older businesses paving way for new ones, and this requires a business modeler approach to define business choices.

Clearly business is all about decision and choice making. Who we serve, what markets we operate on, what the proposition value we offer our customers is, are examples of the choice of decisions that are to be made.

A Business modeler approach helps entrepreneurs irrespective of the life cycle of their entrepreneurship journey. A successful business model must be repeatable, scalable and not easily imitable, and this calls for a deeper understanding of the business proposition – something which GSC possesses.

With our ample years of experience in handling variety of businesses, we work with entrepreneurs to co-develop the business modeler, decode the revenue drivers and marginalize models by identifying the various resources that are required to deliver the business model successfully and consistently.


Business Managed Services

As hard it tends to be, entrepreneurs spend a lot of time in managing the business. When the business model is taking off, the entrepreneur needs to spend their time and energy on business, networking and perfecting the business model. It is time to revitalize the business with a core focus of brand building, product development and market development, and enhance the value proposition.

While growth has associated costs on putting together the important structures that can hold the business – like managing the important functions such as finance and accounts, office administration, payroll etc. – entrepreneurs tends to shift focus from primary activities to such peripheral non-core activities that take a lot of time and energy.

We provide business managing services that can handle all the non-revenue generating, yet very important activities that cannot be ignored. With our years of experience in advising our clients, we provide the much required back-end support so that entrepreneurs can focus on their main vision.