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Real Estate

Moving direction of the markets has a direct impact on the performance of the real estate sector. Market sentiments and the buyer’s mood significantly impact the sector. Financing, land pressures for development, interest rates and other macro-economic indicators have a direct correlation on the growth of the real estate sector.

At GSC, we have extensive experience in dealing with this sector in the past. We have carried out:

  • Feasibility studies for mixed use property development for a very large real estate group in UAE
  • Developing a concept of high-end leisure resort business model for a group’s diversification entry into Kenya

GSC’s real estate consulting services can help you in addressing your critical
and complex real estate issues in the following ways:

  • Business model generation for a new concept development
  • Feasibility Studies and financial modeling
  • Business and Growth Strategy
  • Organization Structure and Design
  • Project Assurance Audit
  • Procurement and sourcing audits
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