Industry / Manufacturing


Organizations in the Manufacturing sector have to strike a right balance between maintaining quality of production, and keeping the cost structure at optimal levels. Technological advancements have paved the way for global manufacturing operations with seamless supply chain integration. This calls for highly lean and most efficient ways to manufacture, keeping the quality levels to above par acceptance levels.

At GSC, we provide Manufacturing operations strategy that is in line with the corporate strategy. We work on reviewing and improving the efficiencies through process streamlining, best practice bench marking and putting the right technological platform that seamlessly cuts across the manufacturing value chain.

We have worked on highly engaging consulting work in the past which includes:

  • Business Process streamlining for Manufacturing operations of a large cement plant in Nigeria
  • Benchmarking, lean manufacturing and operational transformation of an Air-conditioning duct manufacturing group in UAE
  • Setting up the plant layout, developing yard operations and technology automation for a recycle business based out of Africa and UAE
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan framework for a large cement plant in UAE

We help Manufacturing Companies in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing Process Streamlining
  • Benchmarking on Cost Efficiencies and cost optimization
  • Activity based Costing Framework
  • Lean Manufacturing and integrated supply chain planning advisory
  • Plant /Line utilization and performance improvement strategies
  • Plant Maintenance strategies
  • Rapid Plant Assessments
  • Organization Design and Structure
  • Technology Effectiveness for Manufacturing set ups
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