Family Business & Family Investment Offices

The Family business in Middle East and Africa gained dominance in the 1960’s and many of these successful businesses have diversified into new business, expanding markets both regionally and globally.

Family Businesses and family offices face a unique set of challenges – finding a right balance between managing the dynamics of family and business in order to be successful. As businesses have grown, with the changing business landscapes and technology adoption, family businesses have to adopt into a learning Organization to meet the needs of tomorrow.

At GSC, we work closely with family owners and business heads in crafting strategies, including developing growth strategies, governance structure, succession planning and putting together a professional management structure.

We have closely worked with:

  • Closely held family businesses involved in trading, manufacturing and services business on their restructuring, technology advisory and operational streamlining
  • Putting together a Governance and reporting Structure for a complex and geographically diversified business group
  • Exit Strategy for a family owned business and diversification into newer markets and products for a manufacturing company in UAE

Our holistic range of services includes:

  • Setting up future vision and strategic levers of the business
  • Developing growth strategy
  • Governance and Reporting Structure
  • Establishing family protocols
  • Exit and new venture validations
  • Operational efficiencies and restructuring
  • Organization Design
  • Change and Culture management
  • Technology advisory
  • Succession Planning
  • Coaching for the 3rd Generation family members into key leadership positions
  • Investment Office Advisory for new Mergers & acquisitions and planned exits
We are like Family to most clients in bringing outside-in perspectives to your business